Some barrels have such a unique taste they deserve to be presented on their own.  These outstanding barrels are set aside for our private barrel program.


When we say private barrel we mean it.  It's not a blend. We bottle the bourbon from one barrel and move to the next. Once the bottles that come from these barrels are gone, the distinct flavor profile will never be repeated. Every bottle is marked with the barrel’s warehouse number and floor location, the month and year it was barreled, and names the retailer who selected the barrel for its flavor profile.


Each barrel is unique, first passing our scrutiny, then the scrutiny of the retailers who handpick them for their exceptional characteristics.  Only those that stand out get Smoke Wagon’s Private Barrel red stamp.


After 10 years of aging there is quite a bit of volume loss so we yield an average of 21 six-pack cases per barrel, and since we pull such a small number of barrels, these bottles are rare and limited.  If you come by one, be it in a bar, restaurant, or liquor store, we highly recommend you get one!


2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Double Gold Medal Winner

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